Sugar converts unite!

Posted by on 10/5/2014
Sugar converts unite!

"We’re getting the message, but we’re not sure how to share it.

Here’s an example of what we are hearing from estheticians and customers calling in.

“My esthetician waxes, I wish she would learn to sugar”

“Why have I never heard about sugaring before?”

“I was certified in sugaring, but I never practiced and I gave up”

“I can’t find anyone who sugars in my area”

“I have a client moving to _____and there is no one who sugars there, what is she going to do?”

Repeatedly here at Tamara’s Sugar™ we hear from not only our fellow professional sugarists who rely on our products, but also their clients who have converted from wax-based hair removal to sugaring, that they wished they’d been exposed to it sooner.

However, what we also know is that too many professionals give up sugaring, because unlike waxing, it takes a special patience and perseverance to become skilled at this centuries old hair-removal technique. It takes practice, lots and lots of practice. But, we’ve not heard of a client that was dissatisfied…

Okay, maybe those who went to someone who tried to do it professionally before they were ready. We all make mistakes. But, that’s why we urge everyone to keep practicing, to take refresher classes, advanced classes, even one on one coaching to be determined to master body sugaring.

We know that practicing one or two times, or even immediately after taking a hands-on class once does not a pro make, but by the time you have 6 months to a year under your belt, if you’re tenacious and don’t give up – you’ll be part of the sugaring world – and spreading the message that there is something better than wax out there.

So, dear fellow sugarists and those who are our sweet customers, how do we spread the word?

Our idea is to tell at least one person a day about the benefits of sugaring – both as someone who gets sugared or someone who provides sugaring. Use your person-to-person network, use social media, bring it up at a cocktail party. We love it. We know you love it. Let those who don’t know begin to love it.

Who did you tell about sugaring today?