Ingredient Highlight -Aspen Bark Extract

Ingredient Highlight -Aspen Bark Extract

Why we chose Aspen Bark Extract for our SweetExoliatorâ„¢ System! 

Benefits of Aspen Bark

  • has medicinal purposes 
  • Naturally derived botanical extract
  • The bark is rich in salicylates, a natural beta hydroxy acid
  • antibacterial
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • calming and healing
  • softens and smooth's the skin
  • low irritation
  • water Soluble, no need for alcohol 
  • a natural preservative 
  • does not harm the tree when extracted

Using the natural BHA Aspen Bark Extract, combined with the AHA's in both the SweetExoliatorâ„¢  Toner Pads & Serum we are experiencing great results. 

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New Product- Body Tonic 8oz

New to our professional treatment product line is Body Tonic 8oz.  To be used as a post sugaring treatment spray. A soothing tonic and antiseptic treatment of organic Aloe, Rosewater + Myrrh.  Use Body Tonic as a after treatment spray to cool and soothe the skin and aide in removing any sugar residue. Mix with Hungarian Mineral Mud to create a lovely facial or body mask. 
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Hungarian Mineral Mud

We are busy packaging our 8oz Retail Hungarian Mineral Mud today!

This therapeutic mud is rich in minerals and has thermal and mechanical qualities with a unique ability to heal.

This amazing mud can be used at home for facial masks, in the bath, as well as mud packs for a more intense at home treatment to areas of joint pain + stiffness.

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Dangers of Talc

We have chosen not to use Talc in our drying powder.
Talc is toxic and is related to potent carcinogens.
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