New! Online Certification & Master Classes

We are excited to announce our new Online Certification & Master Classes

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Leaping Bunny Certfied

We are very happy to announce we are Leaping Bunny Certified! What that means is our entire line is certified cruelty-free.  There has been no animal testing used in the development of any of our products or their ingredients.  We promise to continue to provide products you can trust. 

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ASCP Readers Choice Awards for Skin Deep Magazine

I want to say a heartfelt thank you for voting us #1 in the@ascpskincare Readers Choice Awards ! Thank you to ASCP for your beautiful magazine! Thank you to my staff, our awesome team of educators and most of all to all of you!

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SweetExfoliator Bamboo Micro Polish

The newest addition to the SweetExfoliator System family is Bamboo Micro Polish! 

No slipping in the tub with this scrub!  SweetExfoliator  Bamboo Micro Polish is a perfect no-mess exfoliating system.  Traditional scrubs are made of oils, sugar, or salt and ca cause a slippery mess in the shower. The SweetExfoliator System is different.   A blend of oatmeal, rice, and fruit enzymes combined with bamboo foams, cleanses, and gently exfoliates dead skin cells to polish and renew the skin.  

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First Real Vacation

First Real Vacation

I visit family as often as I can for short 3 day weekends, even then my business phone and laptop are always close by and I find myself answering emails, voicemails from our wonderful customers.  I think I worry more about them running out of sugar than maybe they do.

I can honestly say I have never taken a real vacation. You know the kind of vacation I am talking about? Walk on the beach, dig your toes in the sand, swim in the blue sea kind of vacation.

As Americans work hard. We should also play hard.  That balance in my life has been missing.  I love my work so much, that being away from it is hard.  However, my family have all encouraged me to step away from working for a bit.

We are trying to get the word out early,  far and wide, so everyone can be prepared.  What that means is we are closed Thanksgiving November 27th through December 3rd.  Limited Shipping for some online orders only will be available December 1st-3rd. We will not be accepting orders by phone or email or text.  All orders that we receive after 2pm Wednesday November 26th will be shipped out the following week.  On December 4th we will be back in full swing.

I hope you will understand my need to take a quick break and can get your orders in before we close for the holiday or happy to wait until our return.  I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday too!      Now where did I store my suitcase?

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Not just a green thumb, but green hands

At Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring™, we’re constantly trying to make our products better. We’re aiming for environmental accountability (organic, sustainable), made in America, and in general as responsible and conscientious as possible. There will be some new products very soon (so always come back and check this space), so stay tuned.

Today, however, we want to talk to you about a product that we use in our processing and training and are now available for purchase.  It’s GreenDex™ Biodegradeable Gloves. They are made in the USA and they are the world’s first biodegradable nitrile glove.

Just so you know, no one has offered us any kind of sponsorship or monetary gain for talking or recommending this. We’re just convinced that this is a step in the right direction for our industry. It has always been our concern that we promote an eco friendly, natural, water-soluble service as professional sugarists, but yet we use Nitrile gloves that get thrown in the garbage and stay around in our landfills a very, very long time.  We’ve been searching for a glove that gave us the protection and usability that we need in my sugaring business. GreenDex does that. For the month of August you can order GreenDex gloves off of our site at the same price as less-earth-friendly nitrile gloves.

We’re so in love with this glove and the fact that it is environmentally responsible and made in the USA, that if you can post a photo via Instagram that you are using them, , and we’ll gift you something good for you and our planet. Be sure to comment here with the link to your instagram photo, or even better, tag me via Instagram @TamarasSugar.  Let’s all get a little green-handed! Can’t wait to see your green-hands in action!

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New Product- Body Tonic 8oz

New to our professional treatment product line is Body Tonic 8oz.  To be used as a post sugaring treatment spray. A soothing tonic and antiseptic treatment of organic Aloe, Rosewater + Myrrh.  Use Body Tonic as a after treatment spray to cool and soothe the skin and aide in removing any sugar residue. Mix with Hungarian Mineral Mud to create a lovely facial or body mask. 
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Hungarian Mineral Mud

We are busy packaging our 8oz Retail Hungarian Mineral Mud today!

This therapeutic mud is rich in minerals and has thermal and mechanical qualities with a unique ability to heal.

This amazing mud can be used at home for facial masks, in the bath, as well as mud packs for a more intense at home treatment to areas of joint pain + stiffness.

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