Sugaring Certification

We believe the best way to become highly skilled in sugaring is hands-on training. Like any skill worth having, it takes education, patience, and practice. We’re thrilled to be able to offer classes through highly experienced certified sugaring educators.

Requirements: If you are a licensed beauty professional or in school studying to be licensed in the beauty industry, you may take our training class and become certified in The Art of Body Sugaring.

Basic Certification Class - Hands-on Training

Our highly experienced educators offer private, as well as, 2-day hands-on training classes. You will learn theory as it relates to hair removal, and instructed on sugaring all major areas of the body, to include: legs, bikini line, underarms, lip, chin, and eyebrow.  Many will include a Brazilian demo, if time allows, and a model is available. Upon completion you will received a proficiency certificate signed by your educator and certified by Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring™.   

Registering For a Class: The next step is to contact a educator in your area.  Once you are booked into a upcoming class, please Register Here  to order your kit and give us a call so we can authorize your account as soon as possible.  We are excited to work with you!

Advanced Sugaring Classes

Once you have been certified in sugaring and mastered the basics, you may sign up for any additional advanced classes our educators offer.  Each educator has their own advanced-training techniques and the classes below may not be offered in all areas.

  • Advanced  Bikini/Brazilian  
  • Male Sugaring Classes
  • Advanced Facial Sugaring 
  • Advanced Eyebrow Design