Ingredient Highlight -Aspen Bark Extract

Why we chose Aspen Bark Extract rather than Salicylic Acid for our SweetExoliatorâ„¢ System!

Benefits of Aspen Bark

  • has medicinal purposes 
  • Naturally derived botanical extract
  • The bark is rich in salicylates, a natural beta hydroxy acid
  • antibacterial
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • calming and healing
  • softens and smooth's the skin
  • low irritation
  • water Soluble, no need for alcohol 
  • a natural preservative 
  • does not harm the tree when extracted

Using the natural BHA  Aspen Bark Extract, combined with the AHA's in both the SweetExoliatorâ„¢  Toner Pads & Serum we are experiencing great results.