When Your Name is On The Line

Posted by on 8/6/2014 to General

When you go to a party or family gathering and there are new people, you often talk about what you do for a living. “So, what do you do?” you’ll be asked, or even asked yourself. I have a bit of fun with that, because I love what I do and I love telling people about this great beauty secret, as well as my own product line.

Recently, a non professional found out what I did and was intrigued. They asked if they could purchase some of my professional standard sugar. I had to decline. Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring only sells to licensed professionals who have been trained and certified in sugaring. I think this is important to protect the integrity of the service and out of respect for the licensed professional who have paid for their certification and worked hard to become experts in the sugaring service.

When you have your name on a product, you want to make sure that it is used properly and safely. Many beauty schools, in fact, sadly most, do not teach sugaring. They teach waxing. Therefore, Professional Body Sugaring is an advanced method of hair removal and it comes with a learning curve. It can take up to six months to master the technique of sugaring. Taking a hands-on class is the best way to ensure success and use the proper technique.

There are several companies out there that will sell to licensed professionals without training and that concerns me; there are some companies that will only sell to those who have proprietary certifications.  Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring will accept other company certifications, but we also offer our own certifications. My goal is that the professional using our product is certified and providing expert service to the public.

If you happen to be a client of someone using the Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring products, you know that they have been well-trained, certified, and are of the highest standards in this advanced hair-removal technique. I put my name on that.