The 13 Reasons You Should Try Body Sugaring

Posted by on 6/12/2014 to General

It’s come to my attention, my sweet dears, that some of you still aren’t sure why body sugaring is superior to waxing. Let me count the ways for you:


  1. ↑Sugaring is 100 percent natural (↓All wax products contain resins).
  2. ↑Sugaring leads to permanency (↓Waxing leads to early re-growth and involves a tremendous amount of breakage).
  3. ↑Sugaring is water-soluble, so you will never ruin your equipment or clothing. (↓Wax resins adhere to live skin cells…ouch!)
  4. ↑Sugared skin is left feeling soft. (↓Client’s skin becomes red and sensitive.)
  5. ↑Body sugar adheres only to dead skin cells. (↓Wax is very difficult to clean up, solvents are required.)
  6. ↑Sugaring is safe for clients who have varicose veins. (↓Contraindicated for certain medical and diabetic problems, eczema)
  7. ↑Sugar is warmed to body temperature; does not burn. (↓Wax adheres to live skin cells, can burn and lift skin. Also, wax is heated at such a high temperature to melt; it can burn if too hot when applied.)
  8. ↑Sugaring will diminish ingrown hairs. (↓Waxing creates problems with ingrown hairs due to breakage.)
  9. ↑Bacteria cannot breed in high concentrations of sugar. (↓The opposite is true for wax.)
  10. ↑Sugaring removes hair as short as 1/16th inch. (↓For waxing, hair needs to be at least ¼ inch.)
  11. ↑Sugar will not damage delicate facial tissue. (↓Waxing damages fine tissue cells; long-term waxing causes elasticity and wrinkling)
  12. ↑Sugaring is less painful (↓Waxing is painful and causes trauma to skin.)
  13. ↑Sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of growth. (↓Waxing removes hair in opposite direction, resulting in more broken hairs, distorts the follicle.)


Pick one reason or pick them all, isn’t it time you tried body sugaring?   Whether you’re just a beauty user or provider, this is the sweet, natural choice.
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