PDX Sugarista turns a missing eyebrow into a royal career

Stephanie King, Esthetician, Sugaring Educator

Owner, The Sugarista  Portland, Oregon

Co-Owner Sugar Cube Training

Stephanie King lost half an eyebrow during a waxing incident in esthetics school in 2007. Seven years later she owns two companies and teaches the art of sugaring to others so they don't lose any part of their eyebrow.


After that incident, King dug deeper into hair removal techniques, “I knew there had to be a better option,” she said. “And after researching I found Sugaring.”


She’s been sugaring full time every since discovering it. Going into business for herself wasn’t that much of stretch. Her parents owned a business together.


“They ran their business with such integrity,” she said. “I remember feeling very proud to be a King growing up, because people knew my parents as honest, hardworking, caring people in our community. When my dad passed away eight years ago hundreds of people from my tiny town came out to remember him. It was really touching to see how much he was respected for the work he did and the person we was. He was able to be his best and express his generous spirit through his business and I just think that is the most amazing thing. My parents set a great example for me in regard to how people should be treated and I find it so fulfilling to have a business where I get to be of service.”


King said she appreciates others who have great integrity, too.


“The first time I spoke with Tamara (Tamara’s Sugar) I knew I was going to be a customer,” King said. “She gave me the best service and I had her product in my hands just a few days later. She is fast! I really love Tamara’s Sugar Paste and all of the pre- and post- products. I appreciate Tamara as a small business owner who truly cares about her customers. I know Tamara’s got my back and when you run your own business that’s worth its weight in gold. I am so happy to be a part of Tamara’s education team. I am really excited to see where this road takes me and am especially thrilled to see Sugaring hit the mainstream!”


Getting more students proficient at sugaring is helping project sugaring into mainstream beauty world. King’s desire to be of service, sometimes gets in the way of her teaching, so she’s developed a habit of keeping her hands in her pockets when she’s teaching.


“I taught a class in my town in Illinois and had six students in a conference room at a local hotel,” King recalls. “I remember thinking that I needed to be sure to teach and not just jump in and fix everyone’s issues for them. I kept reminding myself that I needed to explain how to get unstuck instead of just getting someone unstuck. I kept my hands in my pockets for most of the first day to resist the urge.”


She said that her Sugar Cube training covers so much more than the basics.


“I aim to give you as many tools and practical tidbits of knowledge as I possibly can,” King said. “Think of it as my seven years of trial-and-error condensed down into several mini lessons you can use right away with your clients. I don’t hold back any knowledge in class, if you want to learn something it is my pleasure to teach you how to do it. Just ask.”


Meanwhile, when King isn’t working in her studio, The Sugarista, or providing Sugar Cube training, she works on other projects.


“I am obsessed with oils, clays and hydrosols and have been quietly developing a product line that sources lesser known ingredients from different parts of the world,” she said. “Right now I have one product that has been selling for a year and four more that I hope to launch by next spring.  I’m also a recovering from five-year addiction to purchasing web domain names on GoDaddy.”


Her sense of humor and ability to talk to anyone she feels is key to her success. The Sugarist is going strong and she believes her passion and integrity will help propel her further. Both qualities help her spread the word about professional sugaring.


“I wish that everyone knew how awesome sugaring is,” she said. “But, until then, I will keep spreading the word.”