New Benchmark: USDA Certified Organic

Posted by Author, Casondra Brewster on 10/16/2014 to Organic & Fair Trade

You were here with us when we got the fair-trade stamp of approval. Now, celebrate with us as our new PerfectlySmooth Paste is now USDA Certified Organic.

We couldn’t be more pleased and proud of our efforts. Still created by the oversight of its founder, Tamara, we follow strict health standards in the production of our sugar and high-quality back-bar treatment products.

The reaction to our PerfectlySmooth Paste has been so positive and exceptional, we’re so happy to see so many leaping on the trust we’ve built with our signature products to try our new line. Our PerfectlySmooth Paste has the same consistent quality as our Signature Paste, but made with fair-trade,organic , and Non GMO ingredients. Same quality, better for our planet and its people.

You may still purchase our Signature Pastes.  We understand as beauty professionals, when you find a product and love it, you want to keep using it. Therefore, we’re continuing our Signature line for those who prefer it.

The choice is yours, PerfectlySmooth Line or Signature Line.  You’ll continue to receive top-notch customer service, education, and professional products made by those who value your trust and business.

Stay tuned! We’re not done bringing you more to help your body sugaring business grow.